Workers’ Compensation In California

Workers’ Compensation In California

Workers’ Compensation In California

Workers’ Compensation In California

Has Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Been Denied Or Devalued?

Even if you are eligible for workers’ compensation after a workplace accident, you may encounter difficulty getting the benefits you need and deserve. The attorneys at Verdieck Chambers in San Diego are ready to help resolve disputes, including through appeals and litigation.

A denied claim or a denied legitimate request as part of your claim can have a lasting negative impact on your health and financial well-being. We are career workers’ compensation attorneys, here to help you understand your rights in the system and answer your questions in a personalized way.

Examples Of Disputes We May Help You Resolve

We have devoted our entire legal careers to representing injured workers in the San Diego area. We welcome your inquiry if you have encountered troubles such as the following:

  • You have been told that your claim is not legitimate because you are a contractor, a part-time worker or a non-U.S. citizen.

  • Your employer or their insurer refuses to allow you to see a doctor of your choosing.

  • You are dissatisfied with the quality or timeliness of your medical treatments.

  • Your doctor or the workers’ compensation insurer says you should return to work prematurely.

  • The workers’ compensation carrier has refused to pay you appropriately for your time off work and will not respond to your attempts at communication.

Our firm is a reliable source of advice, information, and assistance in these and other frustrating aspects of workers’ compensation claims in California.

In Case Of A Denied Claim

Our lawyers can help you challenge a workers’ compensation claim administrator’s denial through legal procedures such as the following:

  • We will gather evidence from medical providers and other experts.

  • We will help you file the required application for adjudication of your claim (ADJ).

  • We will prepare you for a hearing before a workers’ compensation administrative law judge (WCJ) at a local office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC).

  • We will guide you through your case evaluated by a qualified medical evaluator (QME) and/or an agreed medical evaluator (AME).

  • We will help you get a necessary independent medical review (IMR).

One or both of our lawyers can represent you before a mandatory settlement conference (MSC) and, if necessary, at trial. In case your case is still denied, we can help you file a petition for reconsideration.

Turn To Trustworthy Lawyers At Verdieck Chambers

For a free evaluation of your workers’ compensation denial or difficulties, call 619-695-1286 or email us.

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