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At Verdieck Chambers, you can expect to find caring, compassionate and strategic legal advice and advocacy after a workplace injury. Beginning with a free initial consultation, we will always let you know what you can do for yourself and when you should bring an attorney into your case.

If we represent you after a denied claim or to help you resolve any disputes or difficulties, we will keep you well-informed of your rights. Above all, we will fight in any way we can to help you get all workers’ compensation benefits and protections you are eligible for. We have spent our entire legal careers serving injured workers in the San Diego area. Learn about our backgrounds and qualifications through these links:

We Are Dedicated To Your Recovery

The most important thing after you have been injured on the job is to be able to look forward to wellness once again. In the meantime, you need and deserve all that workers’ compensation has to offer you.

As you are thinking about contacting us, you should know workers’ compensation law is our sole area of practice. Our longstanding, quality relationships with area doctors, chiropractors and occupational experts may be advantageous to you as we help you along the path to recovery, both medical and financial.

We are skilled in navigating the system as well as keenly interested in getting you all benefits and accommodations that you are eligible for. As necessary, we will hold your employer and their workers’ compensation insurer accountable to handle your case correctly. If your claim is denied, delayed or undervalued, we will find the best way to get your problems resolved.

Contact Us For Experienced And Compassionate Workers’ Compensation Counsel

Every attorney-client relationship at our firm begins with a free consultation. We are committed to devising tailored strategies for all our clients who have been injured on the job in Southern California.

No matter where you are in your journey back to health after a workplace injury, call us at 619-695-1286 or complete our online form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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